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LA Rouxnelle Logistics and Consulting is a South African company with 27 years of experience and expertise, assuring our clients of total logistical support for the SA and International exhibition industry.

LA Rouxnelle Logistics and Consulting assist clients with all types of events from trade shows, demonstrations, road shows and conferences, to major international exhibitions. Customs clearance, governmental permits for special cargoes, customs guarantees, etc. must be in place, and when cargo arrives, transfer from airport or harbour as well as unpacking must be in the hands of experienced professionals.

LA Rouxnelle Logistics and Consulting is with you throughout the whole period of build-up, exhibition and breakdownto ensure that the exhibits are on the stand on time and in perfect condition when the show opens, thereby providing a complete door-to-stand service.

Our network of local approved agents can arrange collection of your goods from your chosen location from anywhere in South Africa to international events.

This service gives you the much-needed time to concentrate on more important aspects for your event by relieving you of the usual logistical headaches and red-tape and thereby providing peace of mind.

In the deadline driven world of events, it is crucial to have a competent and reliable logistics team in place. The conference and exhibition industry is a case in point, where managing the logistical requirements of a multitude of stakeholders across a broad spectrum of locations and doing it all to strict deadlines, is no small task. LA Rouxnelle Logistics and Consulting is a logistics service provider.

Quality Service:
Exhibition Freight Forwarding demands quality, a hands-on approach and on-time service.

Our network of local and internationally approved partners specialising in exhibition freight forwardingensures that high standards are maintained world-wide, whilst simultaneously ensuring that things are also going according to plan locally.

International Exhibition Logistics Associates (IELA):
LA Rouxnelle Logistics and Consulting is a member of exhibition freight forwarders in 35 countries who are leaders in the special field of offering shipping, freight handling and on-site service to the international exhibition and trade fair industry throughout the world. IELA sets the standards of performance for site agents and for export/import shipping agents.

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Exhibitions & Event Association of Southern Africa (EXSA):
LA Rouxnelle Logistics and Consulting is a proud Member of EXSA. The role of EXSA is to serve the exhibition and events industry in South Africa. Our core strategy is to actively grow and develop the exhibition and events industry within Southern Africa. This is achieved through promoting the unique benefits offered by exhibitions and events, and raising the profile of our members who include venues, organisers and suppliers.

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