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LA Rouxnelle Logistics and Consulting can service you by making sure your valuables arrive on time at the ICC Durban. 

ICC Durban

ICC Durban

As a key part of the Marketing Mix, exhibitions remain one of the most effective marketing tools, be it a consumer based show or a trade exhibition.

The sheer size and scale of the Durban ICC is astounding, offering the largest flat-floor, column-free exhibition space in Africa. The building itself is over a 300 metres in length, large enough to park 4 Airbus A380’s end-to-end!

Thanks to the Centre’s intelligent design and operable walls, it makes an almost unlimited number of venue configurations available to our clients. Its main convention hall area of 11,600m² can be opened up to form one massive venue or subdivided into 22 separate exhibition halls of various sizes.

The Durban Exhibition Centre, located directly adjacent to the Durban ICC, offers two large halls with a combined area of 9,270m² of flexible exhibition space. To give an indication of size, the two main halls can accommodate 400 (3m x 3m) exhibition stands. In addition, the DEC provides several smaller halls and catering facilities ranging from 24m² to 540m².

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