EXSA Awards Winners 2016



For the third consecutive year LA Rouxnelle Logistics and Consulting has obtained the Best Supplier, Logistics.

Once again LA Rouxnelle Logistics and Consulting has walked away for the third year in a row with the EXSA Awards – Best Supplier Logistics. The Exhibition Industry Awards 2016 evening was held at Ticketpro Dome, Johannesburg on 26th January 2017. This was the first time the Awards evening was hosted by EXSA (Exhibition & Event Association for Southern Africa) and AAXO (Association of African Exhibition Organisers) that brought together not just the service providers but also the organisers and venue owners, all under one roof.

Notwithstanding the Best Supplier Logistics Award, Mike Weeks was awarded the Best Supplier Employee Award in the Logistics Category. This is also the second time that an employee from LA Rouxnelle Logistics and Consulting had the honour to receive this award.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody, local and international for your continued support and we will always be there to assist to the best of our abilities.

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